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Can Design Change the World?

Posted in Office, Bathroom, Contract, Ecofriendly, Fast, Heating, MCZ, Wellness, Tubes on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Tags: CoeLux | design | DVO | energy saving | Fast | MCZ | nature | sustainability | Tubes | well-being | wellness

We all are in a similar situation in these challenging times: in our homes, sitting at improvised desks trying to find rhythms and occupations that create a strong and reassuring link with the life we know and had to suspend. In Italy we are a few days ahead of you and there's one thing we want to tell ourselves and you all: we look with optimism to the world that will come and that will be better than what we have left. For some years, in ERGO we have been thinking: can design change the world? We are used to talking about aesthetics and beauty, can we all go further and link this beauty more and more to the good? The newsletter was kept in stand-by while we investigated the topic with our clients. Everyone had interesting answers, especially in terms of respect for the environment; some, also because of the product category in which they operate, have made insights that we would like to share with you, because we believe they can be starting points for our new us.