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Fast and Alberto Lievore

Posted in Furniture, Outdoor, Fast on Wednesday, 11 July 2018

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A savoir-vivre in perfect harmony is what distinguishes and makes unique the partnership between Fast, Italian outdoor furniture manufacturer, and Alberto Lievore, Argentinian designer based in Barcelona, where,  together with Jeannette Altherr, he runs Studio Lievore Altherr. More specifically, this collaboration started from their shared approach to nature and their way to enjoy it. "The real luxury is time", states Alberto Lievore. "Time we devote to our friends, to ourselves, to contemplating, with nothing more. Nature offers us this space, and we should try to make the most of it". Also for Fast, the fundamental value is being in harmony with our surroundings; this is why many products in Fast's collection are inspired by nature.

We have further investigated this partnership, which began in 2017, with its own protagonists: Alberto Lievore and Marco Levrangi, CEO of Fast. In the press release you can find a short interview with Alberto Lievore and Marco Levrangi to discover the ideas behind this partnership and the projects created together.