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Fast: Outdoor Living

Posted in Furniture, Outdoor, Fast on Thursday, 11 February 2021

Tags: Alberto Lievore | design | Fast | furniture | outdoor

Living outdoors, whether it is a garden or a terrace, has never been so much in vogue as nowadays.

With the three new outdoor collections, the Ria seating line, the Mosaiko coffee tables collection - both designed by Alberto Lievore - and the Onda outdoor rug collection, we can now create our personal outdoor living space. Comfort is guaranteed in every weather condition.

Ria, Mosaiko and Onda can be perfectly combined together, so that you can quickly and easily transform the outdoor space into a veritable open-air sitting room, a dining area or a relaxation zone under the sky, without limits to creativity.

 “People have always believed that the interior of their home is their real refuge, like caves were once upon a time. The current situation proves however that this is not always the case, and these days, outdoor spaces are actually the best places to be. Fast knows this only too well, because nature is its place of origin, the place where the brand came to be, and from where it wishes to share this life experience with others, in many different ways.”

(Alberto Lievore)