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Happy Living

Posted in Office, Furniture, Bonaldo, Outdoor, Fast, Heating, MCZ, Sergio Leoni, Tubes on Monday, 18 May 2020

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Looking for some glee? Yes, a lot, and if the newscasts don't spread good news at all, then it's our turn to try and turn on a smile: follow the instructions!

First, put your "happy" song in the background.

Done? Very well. Now you are in the mood for the next steps.

Imagine now having to fill an empty room with objects: simple and minimal lines or playful shapes and bright colours, based on personal taste and balance between objects.

Let yourself be inspired with the products of our clients selected for this game, design items with original shapes and bright colours.

Coloured benches by All+, furniture with different shapes and colours by Bonaldo, colour and modularity for the office environment with DVO products, Fast outdoor seats and poufs, stoves with original design by MCZ and Sergio Leoni and heating elements with unusual shapes proposed by Tubes.