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Light and shapes in Bonaldo's accessories

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo, Lighting on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Tags: Alessandro Busana | Bardot | Bonaldo | Dondoli e Pocci | Doppler Light | floor lamp | furniture | Giuseppe Viganò | lamps | lighting | Muffin lamp | Nemesi | Ryosuke Fukusada | table lamp | Theduck

Bonaldo offers a collection of accessories to furnish and illuminate at the same time, combining two functions in a single product.

Nemesi and Theduck, in the Light version, are practical coffee tables which, thanks to their original shapes, characterize the room and allow also to enlighten it; Bardot, Doppler Light and Muffin Light, besides being lamps, furnish and decorate the home going beyond their main function.