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MCZ and new strategies

Posted in Heating, MCZ on Wednesday, 13 May 2020

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The General Manager: “We are getting ready to face a new world with different needs.”

On Monday 4th of May Italy entered phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency. MCZ Group, thanks to a rigorous safety protocol, resumed business in its four offices in Italy and in Croatia, while the offices of Brisach in Arnas (Lyon), with 20 employees, reopened on May 11th.

The company is preparing to face a market that is expected to be very different from before. The resumption of production will have to contend with a context in which global demand will restart slowly and will be expressed in completely new ways. Formulating exact forecasts is difficult, if not impossible. However, MCZ Group believes that it is fundamental to start planning now, so that when demand is at its highest they will be ready with clear ideas and tools.

“Our immediate priority has been to safeguard the health and safety of our employees and their families,” says Massimo Daruos, General Manager at MCZ Group S.p.A. “This is why we shut down production and shipments for over a month, prioritising working from home and only allowing key business departments, such as warehouse for the shipment of spare parts and technical support, to continue their operations. Now the exit from the lockdown must represent a new beginning, a profound change in the company, which must be even faster and more flexible in taking decisions and interpreting the ‘new’ market.”

The first anti-crisis measure to be implemented will concern the sales network. With its eleven brands, the group covers sales for any kind of heating product, from shops specialising in ironmongery to the mass retail sector.

“We will soon start implementing a series of measures intended to support and reassure our dealers, who are part of a tightly-knit and very loyal network, an essential value for our company,” says Daruos. “The situation varies slightly from country to country, though what sales points around Europe will have in common is a customer base that is increasingly reluctant to leave home and that feels the effects of a general climate of uncertainty. To support our dealers, we are conceiving digital tools whose goal is to strengthen online interaction with the end customer.”

Roberto Guatti, Export Sales Manager at MCZ Group S.p.A and Cadel S.r.l., provides some clarifications on the situation of foreign markets, which represent over 70% of the Group’s turnover. “In countries where most of our foreign turnover is concentrated, there has been a full lockdown of retail sales points: I am talking primarily of France and Spain. In other key markets for us, like Germany, Belgium and Ireland, the situation was less dramatic. Orders kept on coming in and we did our best to respond quickly.”

The second aspect will be closely related to the solutions and innovations put forward by the company. This period of forced inactivity has shed new light on our well-being at home, as well as on our habits as consumers and our real needs. Research has shown that we will pay even more attention to the essence of things and that we will make more conscious choices which will allow us to carve out small moments of well-being at home. From this point of view, latest-generation stoves or fireplaces could be the ideal solution: they heat indoor and outdoor spaces and allow to save on bills while keeping us company, creating a lovely atmosphere and respecting the environment.

Just before the lockdown, in late February, MCZ Group successfully presented interesting new products at the “Progetto Fuoco” trade fair in Verona. An "entry-level" range and the true revolution of the Core technology were among the products that attracted most attention. The "entry-level" range of stoves will allow a large group of consumers to enjoy MCZ quality at competitive prices.

Core, on the other hand, is the zenith of MCZ’s technological evolution: extremely low emissions, automatic cleaning and the most beautiful flames ever for a unique user experience. For now, this innovative technology is featured in Groove, a new stove by MCZ for 2020.

“The Groove stove has reached the highest environmental quality class in Europe, i.e. the Italian environmental certification known as "5 stelle ariaPULITA®", the strictest category especially in relation to the emission of particulates,” says General Manager Daruos. “This is why it is the most advanced solution on the market when it comes to respect for air quality. A value that is now more relevant than ever before.”