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MCZ Group: Stefano Gallucci is the new Managing Director

Posted in Heating, MCZ on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

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“We have the team, the projects and the tools required to face the new scenario.”

Stefano Gallucci, born in 1965, has been appointed at the helm of MCZ Group following the resignation announced in December 2019 of Walter Breda as of April 30th. Mr. Breda headed the company since its establishment in 1975, and had expressed his desire to leave the Group and focus to other entrepreneurial activities.

Stefano Gallucci has a degree in Information Technology from the University of Udine and has spent some years in Silicon Valley. He has held important roles in prestigious industrial groups, working in very different sectors, from artificial intelligence to fashion, from nanotechnologies to the textile machinery sector, all the way to medical technology. Highly keen on innovation, he oversaw various young and promising start-up projects, accelerating their entry on the market.

You are joining MCZ Group as Managing Director at a time of great change. What kind of company did you find?

This Group was able to start from 8.3m euros in 2002 and  reach a turnover of over 120m euros in 2019, based on clear business ideas and a very competent team. My predecessor, Walter Breda, succeeded in pushing MCZ forward like a start-up. Today, MCZ Group has a clear history of innovation, successfully sharing the values of its customers and growing at a steady rate, with no compromises. We are facing a scenario of great discontinuity and we need to keep a close eye on the market, changing to seize new opportunities.

When you look back at your personal journey to date, what do you think would be the most strategic skills to introduce in MCZ Group?

I had the great chance to work in various sectors and countries, with motivated and competent people. I work with research centres, incubators and business networks where innovative ideas turn into reality, reaching out of boundaries of a laboratory or an R&D department. I brought these skills in other industries, transforming them in opportunities for growth. I plan to use these skills to continue, with MCZ Group, the journey to innovation, by introducing new ways of working and broader visions on international markets.

Your appointment happened at a critical time, in full lockdown. How is the company reacting?

The situation ahead of us is still not clear. We don’t know what the new market will demand, nor the difficulties we will have to face. MCZ Group is a solid company, supported by extremely well-informed shareholders and excellent staff. I started working in my new role with aware of the great responsibility, but also with cautious optimism. I am reassured by the fact that I found competent and brave people, with a burning desire to build and without fear of change. We have the team, projects and tools required to face the new scenario.

This is your first time working in the home and domestic heating sector. What is your vision?

All those entering a home must do so quietly, with great respect for those living in it. The same is true for companies. If MCZ Group is to enter people’s homes, heating them, it must do so by sharing the values of those who trust us: health, sustainability, safety, ease of use, harmony of design. Our products must be “Super Normal”, following the meaning given by great designers as Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa. We are developing objects that enhance domestic harmony and are incorporated without disrupting it. Products that can meet the needs of daily life, solve its problems and difficulties.

What medium/long-terms goals have you set for yourself as Managing Director?

I am preparing for a long journey towards change, with one primary objective: focus on the customer. Covid-19 taught us that market scenarios can change unexpectedly and disruptively. Understanding people, familiarising with their needs can help us identify new opportunities. At this time of change we must be more flexible and adaptable. Technology and the digital change will help us, but our priority must be to listen to our customers.