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Bonaldo presents the new "Dining" and "Accessories & Lighting" catalogues

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo on Friday, 22 January 2021

Tags: Bonaldo | design | furniture | Made in Italy | new catalogues | news 2021

Bonaldo has a special history spanning more than 80 years. A story of passion, attention to detail and a balance between the rediscovery of classic elements and a perpetual drive to innovate.

As part of a continuous evolutionary process, the company has become a point of reference in the history of Italian living and is increasingly gaining international recognition.

Today, we are delighted to present a new chapter in this story encapsulated in two volumes that convey the essence of the Bonaldo brand: the new “Dining” and “Accessories and Lighting” catalogues.

A large collection of furnishing elements characterised by their refined, discreet elegance, the fruit of collaborations with ingenious international designers who have interwoven their history and vision with that of Bonaldo. Diverse accessories with highly inspirational details which, thanks to their different materials, colours, finishes and moods, create a natural dialogue and unique design harmony, becoming an integral part of their surroundings.

Thus, each piece of furniture is no longer a stand-alone element, but a key player in a show directed by Bonaldo.

This synergy results in a new, global and even more contemporary vision embodied in the Total Look concept, an idea that makes it possible to see the home from a new perspective: a small cosmos that can create empathy with its inhabitants and tell its story through sensations and impressions. This is why even the smallest living element becomes a familiar and precious object.

The common thread linking all the collections is a tireless commitment to the study and research of new materials and their manufacturing, using increasingly refined fabrics and finishes. Sophisticated selections with a focus on quality for an increasingly knowledgeable and discerning public.

We will let every accessory tell the story of Bonaldo’s new vision through the evocative images and settings contained in these volumes.