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Six different rooms featuring the Plug&Play collection by Tubes

Posted in Furniture, Bathroom, Heating, Tubes on Wednesday, 12 September 2018

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Scaletta, Milano Free-standing, Origami, Square Bench, Eve and Astro become the portable protagonists of our home: these electric heating objects, free from installation constraints, go beyond the static nature of architecture and open up to the human dimension which, by definition, is in constant movement and evolution. A real concept of “personal warmth” that follows you everywhere, with items that are suitable for any space, easy to move from one room to another and from house to house.

We’re presenting six episodes and six rooms customised with products from the Plug&Play collection.


Episode #1: Scaletta protagonist of the bathroom

Small, large, colourful or minimal, the bathroom is the natural place for a towel warmer. From a heating object during cold winter days to a pure decorative item simply leaning against the wall, Scaletta by Elisa Giovannoni is ideal for all seasons, with a design that is a far cry from traditional heated towel rails but part of everyone's imagination.


Episode #2: Milano Free-standing protagonist of the living room

Milano Free-standing, designed by Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti, is a radiator that can bring a touch of elegance to any room. It’s very close to the world of art and sculpture and its elegant and original shape takes the leading role in our living room, adapting both to modern surroundings and to more traditional tastes.


Episode #3: Origami protagonist of the bedroom

The bedroom is a private room, where we keep our most personal items. Origami by Alberto Meda creates intimate spaces and, at the same time, heats the room. In the free-standing or totem versions, this radiator turns into an actual folding screen, allowing you to get the privacy you are looking for; the wall-mounted version is discreet but, at the same time, characterizes the space and, in the model with a double element, it heats and hides clothes or towels. You can adjust and programme its temperature to meet different requirements during the day.


Episode #4: Square Bench protagonist of the hall

Comfortable and practical, Square Bench by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba is a radiator that’s useful at any time of the day. Even when switched off and not plugged in, this radiator can be positioned in the hall of a home or in the living room, becoming a support or a seat to relax on with your family or friends. be continued...