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Bonaldo supports the future of design

Posted in Furniture, Bonaldo, Projects & Events on Wednesday, 07 March 2018

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How important is the connection between the academic world and companies?

For Bonaldo, experience on the field is the secret to training and engaging the new generation of designers. This firm belief has translated concretely to the company's active support for students of the "Metadesign Course" at the faculty of Industrial product design of the Politecnico di Milano.

Alberto Bonaldo, Managing Director and representative of the third generation of the Bonaldo family, played a leading role. Together with his team, he invited a group of students from PoliMI (Politecnico di Milano) to the company's headquarters, providing his own technical know-how for a stimulating journey from theory to practice, where the design project "comes to life".

The combination of materials, shapes and colours, of research and creativity, gave rise to designs for a table and a chair. The two designs, thanks to contrasts between materials such as wood, glass and steel, refer to the natural world, in particular to the floral one, and for this reason they are named Gea and Daphne. The sketches of these projects will be exhibited in the museum area of Bonaldo's showroom, awaiting a possible prototyping phase.

The meeting with the students of PoliMi constituted a major opportunity for mutual inspiration and training: on the one hand, for the students, who got into the design process - from concept to analysis and the identification of technical solutions, to the discovery of the "behind the scenes" of the production process - on the other, for Bonaldo, who has always supported the new generation of designers.

The brand carries out this support proudly through intensive talent scouting activities aimed at discovering and adding value to designers who are not famous yet but who have enormous potential.