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Garden with a view

Posted in Furniture, Outdoor, Fast on Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Tags: architetto sangalli | Fast | furniture | Grande Arche | Joint | outdoor | Rion | Ushuaia

Fast furnishes the outdoors of a private villa on Lake Garda

Surrounded by the olive trees and vineyards of Toscolano Maderno, with an unparalleled view over Lake Garda, there is a private villa based on a project by architect Gianfranco Sangalli.

One of the essential aspects of its design consists in the continuity between the domestic settings and the surrounding nature. The villa, which spans three storeys, was devised to blend in seamlessly with the setting, so much so that it can hardly be seen from either the road or the lake.

Multiple elements have been used to create a connection between the landscape surrounding the building and its exteriors and interiors. Preceded by a picturesque swimming pool, the body of the building stretches out towards the horizon thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The terraces and porticoes mark the balance of blocks and voids, turning the garden into a sort of patio overlooked by both the living area and the sleeping quarters, which are located on the ground floor and on the first floor, respectively.

It is specifically here, with the breathtaking view of the lake, where Fast products have been placed. Indeed, the leitmotiv of this brand's collections is enjoying life outdoors. In the villa in Toscolano Maderno, the Grande Arche table has been paired with the Rion chairs to create a welcoming dining area under the portico, whereas the Joint sofa and armchair make up a living area to enjoy a cool sit-down with warm weather. Ushuaia sun beds have been placed both in sunny areas, on the terrace and poolside, as well as in the shade, under the portico, to provide an opportunity to relax and unwind at any time.

Private Villa in Toscolano Maderno, Lake Garda
Architecture and Interiors: Gianfranco Sangalli Architetti
Work completed: October 2017